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Head of Diwan:
Mrs. Maya Safa

Tel: (961)1628000 / 2424

Fax: (961)1629012

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Diwan can be considered the main artery of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. As the entire incoming and going official transactions, pass through it.


It consists of seven sections:


1. The Administrative section headed by Mrs. Regina Bachaalany. Ext: 2395.

This section is involved in handling personnel files and all related records and transactions as well as keeping the archive of the DGCA.

2. The legal studies section headed by Mr. Rachid Youssef.

This unit tracks the international and national aviation laws and their amendments and updates.

3. The Accounting Section headed by Mrs. Manal Karout. Ext: 2525.

This section is responsible of the preparation and implementation of the Budget, Execution of accounting transactions including public bids.

In addition to maintaining all expenses accounts and records.

4. The Legal issues Section headed by Mrs. Zeinab Ayoub.

The main role of this section is to provide legal advice and consultancy. As well as following up of all suits held against the DGCA. Ext: 2412

5. The Supply and storage Section headed by Mr. Issa Kamal . Ext: 2235.

This section is responsible of the management of DGCA stores and maintaining their records.

6. The Revenues Section headed by Mrs. Farah Al Ahdab. Ext: 2409.

The main responsibility of this section is to issue the bills and follow up the collection of all revenues of the DGCA.

As well as maintaining the records and files of all related transactions.

7. Publishing section headed by Mrs. Maya Safa.

Its main role is to manage paper and electronic bulletins and magazines, as well as the preparation the draft of reports and official statements and Announcements.

In addition to this, editing the minutes of meetings held at DGCA.

Diwan is keen to conduct the administrative work in the DGCA complying with the directives of the Director General of Civil Aviation and his approach to adopt transparency as a basis for better work performance and development.