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Licensing Section


The Personnel Licensing Section is established primarily to enable the DGCA to comply with the Chicago Convention and ICAO Annex 1 requirements. The activities involved in Personnel Licensing are such that it requires the establishment of a licensing system and a specific FSD/PEL Section. Personnel Licensing covers a number of disciplines and functional areas.


These essential functions include but are not limited to:

a) Drafting and amendment of rules relating to the training and licensing of aviation personnel;


b) Assessment and approval of training courses, applications and issuance of licenses and ratings;

c) Application of medical fitness assessments relating to license requirements;

d) Approval, issuance and validation of licenses and ratings issued by other Contracting States;

e) Approval of designation and supervision of individuals or organizations delegated to perform specific tasks on behalf of the personnel licensing division;

f) Developing and maintaining the regulations, standards and procedures for the certification of flight training organizations.

g) Developing and administering:
i. Knowledge exams for the licensing of aviation personnel;
ii. Skill testing standards and guides for the licensing of aviation personnel; and
iii. a flight test examiner program for the skill testing of applicants for licenses and ratings.