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Flight Operations Section (OPS)

The Operations Section is established and operated within the DGCA-FSD, and is directly responsible to the Director of Flight Safety. The staffing of the operation division is in direct relation to the scale and complexity of flight operations activities conducted in Lebanon by commercial, general and private aviation. It also provides technical assistance for the licensing of aircraft operation personnel. In order to carry out its responsibilities efficiently, the FSD-OPS division is divided into areas of responsibilities.

The FSD-OPS is responsible for conducting the required investigations preliminary to the awarding of the AOC and for exercising continuing surveillance and inspection of operations for the purpose of:

a) making recommendations to the D/FSD regarding the issue of the AOC and the associated operations specifications and the operator’s competence to continue to exercise the privileges of the certificate;

b) making recommendations to the D/FSD concerning any special conditions that may, in the light of the investigation, need to be imposed;

c) informing the D/FSD and the operator of any deficiencies needing rectification; and

d) making recommendations to the D/FSD concerning appropriate enforcement action.