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The Minister of Public Works and Transport inaugurates the Nabih Berry Sports Complex

Zeaïter: “The Lebanese road network is the main element in revitalizing all economic sectors”


The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Ghazi Zeaïter, representing the President of the Parliament, inaugurated the Nabih Berry Sports Complex which was built in Zrariyeh village and financed by businessman Majed Akhdar, in the presence of high level political attendance, sports associations, and a large public of citizens.

Minister Zeaïter stressed in his speech on the importance of sports in general, as one of the main pillars to maintain a good mental state, a good health, and maintain a high level of productivity within groups and persons, because sport enhances self confidence, reinforces willingness, tonifies and stimulates group work. He also said that from within its multiple positive effects, sport affects discipline, moral and ethical values at the personal scale as well as the public scale. His Excellency added: “This monument has a special flavor and a new meaning in the land of “Jabal Aamel”.

From another point of view, Minister Zeaïter noted that all sectors need to be addressed in terms of development, and he added: “before I was assigned the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT), I knew that development needs were far beyond the state's expenditure capacity and, in the ministry, I realized even more that the ministry's budget would not inspire high hopes. But I decided not to let the lack of financial resources stand in the way of development, especially if we have a clear vision, and a well designed realistic plan, taking into account the available resources, potential capabilities, possible revenues, and when it was oriented towards sectors that would facilitate citizen's tasks and provide them with means of production, whether it was rehabilitating and developing the Lebanese roads network which is the most important means of connecting different regions with each other and therefore the key element in revitalizing miscellaneous economic sectors, or even developing and introducing new ports and various means of transportation”.

Minister Zeaïter concluded saying that he was proud of the curators of this monument, and of the achievement done by cooperators, inviting them along with all the Lebanese people to cooperate in order to withstand difficulties and maintain the building process within our nation.