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Director: Eng. Ibrahim Abou Ilewa

Tel: (961)1628000 / 2417

Fax: (961)1629080

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Directorate of Airports

Consists of:    
- Airport Studies Department
- Airport Management

It acts as a coordinator between these two departments.


- Airport Studies Department

Its role is to carry on the engineering studies for the new developments including improvements and amendments and to put preliminary studies for long term airports development, in addition to controlling buildings or structures development in relation to their height within the authority of the airport.


- Airport Management
Consists of:
- Facilities and Movement division,
- General Support division,
- Structures Maintenance division,
- Airport Safety division,
- Airside Safety Unit.


The Airport Management or Deputy Airport Management is responsible for:

- Controlling different airport affairs and all the official parties working in it,

- Airport safety and structures maintenance,

- Providing search and rescue works in the airport and its vicinity,

- Controlling investors and companies services in addition to providing facilities for passengers and aircraft movement,

- Issuing access authorizations for restricted areas,

- Granting landing permissions for aircrafts outside normal working hours.


- Facilities and Movement division:

Consists of:

- Movement Section

- Facilities Section

The movement section is responsible for:

- Checking manifests of aircrafts, crews and passengers,

- Collecting Aerodrome fees and charges (landing, parking, lightning, gate bridge, counters…),

- FIDS operations,

- Controlling services offered by airlines companies and other agencies working at the airport,

The Facilities Section is responsible for:

- Investors affairs,

- Preparation of access authorizations to restricted areas,

- Areas to be invested inside the airport,

- Information office,

- Passengers affairs.


- General Support division:

Consists of:

- Vehicles section,

- Cleaning section.

It is responsible for:

- Operating, maintenance and fuelling procedures of D.G.C.A vehicles,

- Registration and controlling the vehicles operating at the restricted areas,

- Implementation of airport cleaning procedures.


- Structures Maintenance division:

Consists of:

- Structures Maintenance section,

- Landscaping section.

It is responsible for:

- Routine maintenance works for the airport buildings and for the aerodrome movement area,

- Supervising the contractors works,

- Landscaping works at the airport and on the routs leading to it.


- Airport Safety division:

Consists of:

- Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) section,

- Medical Emergency section.

It is responsible for:

- Firefighting, rescue, guarding and first aids, in addition to controlling all the aerodrome safety procedures.


- Airside Safety Unit


   It is responsible for:

- Development, implementation and distribution of the aerodrome manual

- Development and implementation of the Aerodrome Safety Management System (SMS), and staff training

- Daily and routine inspection of the Aerodrome surface, the inspection report and   record

- Development and implementation of the Airside Operations Instructions and   procedures

- Development and implementation of the Airside Safety and Quality manual

- Development and implementation of the Airside Vehicle Control

- Follow up of the runway surface friction testing procedures

- Accident/Incident reporting

- Development and implementation of the wildlife procedures

- Development of Disabled Aircraft Removal Plan

- Development and implementation of the Airport Evacuation Plan