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Head of Department:
Dr. Omar Kaddouha

Tel: (961)1628185 - (961)1628000 / 2396-2397

Fax: (961)1629106

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Flight Safety Department


The Flight Safety Department (FSD) comprises different divisions namely Personnel Licensing, Flight Operations, Airworthiness, and Dangerous Goods.

The FSD is committed to ensure a sound Safety Management System, promote active participation of all sections in adopting optimum safety standards, introduce methods which enhance safety awareness, investigate incidents/accidents, and recommend safety measures, thereby addressing known / perceived threats and errors.

The FSD is responsible for the safety oversight of airlines registered in Lebanon as well as foreign airlines flying to Lebanon. The safety oversight functions of the FSD also include issuance of Air Operator Certificate (AOC), Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMO) Approval, and Personnel Licenses for flight crew and aircraft maintenance technicians.



• To increase the safety level in the Lebanese Civil Aviation Industry
• To generate measures and policies in order to ensure sustainable development of Civil Aviation
• To Develop strategies and implement proactive measures to minimize safety risks by ensuring that all operations are conducted in conformity with the respective acceptable levels of safety


Our Vision

Committed to a Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Air Transport System


Our Values

• Safety and Security
• Efficiency and effectiveness
• Compliance with standards
• Professionalism and integrity
• Teamwork
• Sustainable development


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