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Head of Department: Dr. Angel Aouad

Tel: (961)1628000 / 3012

Fax: (961)1629076

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Research and Studies Department


The research and Studies Department is one of the different departments under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and includes four divisions:


• Training Division
• Project Development Division
• Economic Studies Division
• International Organization’s Division


The Research and studies Department holds the following responsibilities:

 • Training Division :
    - Supervising technical and practical training
    - Organizing periodic courses and exams.
• Project Development Division :
    - Preparation of civil aviation projects and programs
    - Studying the organization of labor in the different departments and divisions of the Civil Aviation Authority.
• Economic Studies Division:
    - Economic studies for new investments in civilian airports
    - Statistical Studies.  
• International Organizations Division:
    - Coordination between the DGCA and related International Organizations
    - Implementation of International regulations by the relevant departments.